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The Necessity of egg Preservation

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The Necessity of Egg Preservation

The endless possibilities of IVF continue to marvel us in many delightful ways – from bypassing the limits of infertility to bringing babies into the world, and what’s more, there is still so much being unravelled.

Speaking of unravelling, many people may not know, but it is gradually becoming very popular to freeze one’s gametes, especially oocytes (or eggs). In a process called Cryopreservation, people are usually required for medical reasons to freeze their eggs or sperm. 

However, more and more people are seeing the very pressing need to preserve their eggs socially.


For some women, it is a necessity to freeze their gametes. 

They usually need to take this decision because of some indications, for instance, chemo/radiotherapy treatment (for cancer patients) which can impair their ability to conceive after recuperating. For another set of women, eggs are preserved for social reasons. Here are the benefits of fertility preservation in Charitos BO Hospital:

  • Fertility Preservation: The biological clock cannot intimidate you because your eggs are intact till you are ready
  • Donor Eggs:  Because your eggs are still intact in storage, you do not need to use donor eggs by the time you want to start your family, even if you are in or past your late 30s.
  • Viability: Gametes can remain viable in preservation for up to 10 years.

Ladies who can benefit from preserving their eggs fall into the categories stated below:


  • Education: Certain educational pursuits may take prolonged time before completion and women who find themselves in such situation can take advantage of this by preserving their eggs until they are ready to start a family
  • Career: Career pursuits could be time-demanding until a certain level when you are up the ladder or, well, basically running your dreams on auto pilot. When things have gotten fairly stable, you can consider starting a family.
  • Finding Mr. Right: Sometimes, some ladies take a little longer time than usual to find their own match-made-in-heaven. When time begins to pass the normal age of conception, the smart option is cryopreservation of her eggs. That way, she can start her family with Mr. Perfect without using donor eggs when the time is right irrespective of her age.

Now that we have established the “why” and the “who”, let us talk about the “where.” 

It is very easy to assume that due to recurrent power supply problems in Nigeria, gamete (sperm and egg) preservation may not be as effective as it should be, and gamete viability may be compromised. With Charitos BO Hospital’s daily quality control checks and state-of-the-art cryobank, preserving your gametes is nothing to worry about any more.

Aside from our steady supply power supply, there are other things to reassure you about in our cryobank:

  • Gametes are stored at -196°C in liquid nitrogen which is monitored in line with a strict protocol of weekly checks.
  • Gametes are properly stored and accounted for in line with our traceability protocol which ensures there is a double-witnessing process to prevent gamete or embryo mix up.
  • Gametes are in a highly quarantined zone at our facility to ensure they are never accessed by non-authorized personnel.
  • Gametes of persons infected with Hepatitis B are quarantined in our world-class cryobank in line with international guiding principles to prevent cross infection/contamination of samples.

Quality Assurance: Charitos BO Hospital has the capacity to store gametes for up to 10 years.

Are you considering preserving your eggs until you are ready to start a family? we are here to assist you to bring completeness to your family!

Contact Nigeria’s most fertile fertility clinic today. 

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