Specialist Care | Lifestyle Management For Natural Conception
Lifestyle management for natural conception
The first thing to determine is whether or not you can conceive naturally. We help identify different factors that may be the cause and manage them if necessary. Sometimes specialist and expensive procedures are unnecessary. All it takes is an in depth knowledge of all the factors surrounding infertility. Here are some Primary Care conditions that could be the cause of you experiencing difficulty to conceive.
Intercourse Timing Therapy
Sometimes this can be remedied by Intercourse Timing Therapy. This is a simple procedure involving nothing from us but information and advice. The key here is to know when ovulation occurs, and to make sure that you have regular intercourse in the days leading up to and on the day of ovulation. This will significantly increase your chances of getting pregnant, using nothing but information.
Weight Management
Weight management can play a part in having difficulty conceiving. Being overweight can cause an imbalance in hormone levels which can disrupt normal ovulation. Losing just 5-10 % of total body weight can result in normal ovulation and a far greater chance of pregnancy.
Lifestyle management
Your pregnancy could easily be affected by what you put into your body. If you have a problem with alcohol, smoking or recreational drugs we can help you manage this. If you aren’t giving your body the nutrients it needs in order to conceive, we can prescribe a diet specific to your needs.
Stress management
The stress of daily life, caused by factors such as work or family responsibilities can also be a factor. We help you to identify these factors and provide counselling and support. If stress is a factor, it is manageable.
Pregnant women with a history of anxiety or depression can face difficult and confusing choices about treating their symptoms with antidepressants and other medications. Learning about your depression treatment options will help you decide what approach is right for you. From therapy to medication to healthy lifestyle changes, there are many effective treatments that can help you overcome depression and reclaim your life, and we can help you do just that, so that depression no longer stands in the way of you and your baby.

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